The Bottom Menu in 2021

In 2019, bottom navigation use is increasing. It’s primarily seen on mobile devices, but designers are experimenting and trying to find ways to include it in their designs on wider screens.

Designers know users are comfortable with standard, horizontal navigation that sticks with you when you scroll a page. Placing the menu at the bottom as a static element gives users the same experience and can result in more active usage if successfully implemented. Designers like it because…Bottom navigation only includes 3-5 basic icons and/or 3-5 one-word descriptions

  • Bottom navigation combines easily with the Hamburger Menu at the top of the page
  • Bottom navigation works well with anchors to help users navigate a page

Although bottom navigation is creatively showing up on some wide screens it can look a bit look strange. Use it wisely.

We recommend using Bottom Navigation for projects that are dedicated for mobile devices.

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