Minimalist Design in 2021

Minimalism will dominate the digital landscape in 2019.

Website designs with fewer elements can make a major impact on how long a visitor will engage on your site. SEV believes there will be a bold transition to flat, uncomplicated, easy to scan website design in 2019. Apple has been using minimalist design concepts for years and it works. Other companies use it successfully. You can too.

We live in a “right here…right now”, fast paced society.People are on the go. Visitors want the information they are seeking fast. They won’t hang around for slow downloads – heaps of large pictures, imbedded videos or complicated navigation. With one click, your visitors will quickly disengage and move on if the site loads slow or information is difficult to access.

The great thing about minimalist designed sites…they load fast.

They don’t rely on tons of pictures or large amounts of extra data. They are to the point, precise and a quick-loading experience for site visitors.

Minimalist design does not have to be boring. Bold colors, geometrical shapes and focused copy will make any site aesthetically pleasing in 2019. And, don’t forget the blank space (often called negative or white space), which allows users to focus on the right message without getting distracted.

In 2019, with non-stop mobile browsing, faster website speeds and intense competition you will have to… “hone in on” the details, leave out the fluff, slim down to the specific message and focus in on a minimalistic approach to reach your clients target market. Gone will be the shiny, beveled buttons, icons with deep drop shadows, and numerous images. New designs will showcase faster load times, solid and flat colors with simple easy to read unembellished messages that convert visitors.

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