Diversity in Design 2021

Diversity in web development is not only about gender. It’s about more – different cultures, ethnicities, abilities, ages, gender identities and accessibility for those with disabilities. There’s a lot packed into this one word…diversity.

In 2019, as the web is evolving at a fast pace, companies are thinking about inclusion because they realize in order to reach a wider market all the nuances of diversity must find their way into their website designs.

Companies are Consulting with designers who design and develop online experiences common to their targeted audience. As well, website design community is placing diversity at the top of the conversation when offering solutions to clients. 

There is not much on the web about diversity in web design, but in 2019 it will be a request as we continue move towards future of global interaction.

SEV keeps diversity in mind when designing websites. We discuss adding diversity and accessibility into the site design and content.

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